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In 2011, the regulations on the protection and control  of nuclear materials, nuclear facilities and nuclear  material transport were extended to include malicious acts that could have radiological consequences.

In particular, these regulations require licensees to carry out a study to demonstrate the level of protection provided, the action taken to respond to an attack, and the organizational structure set up to manage it. In order to assess these studies, IRSN adopts an interdisciplinary approach with contributions from experts in nuclear safety, radiation protection, and physical protection against malicious acts.

International nuclear material control is also undergoing some major changes, essentially aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of inspections.

IAEA and EURATOM are seeking in particular to improve their methods so hat resources are assigned where they are most effective, and thus reduce the number and duration of assignments. At a time of such upheaval, it is IRSN’s task to ensure that these changes are not made at the expense of France or French industry.

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