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About IRSN

IRSN missions

The order creating IRSN put forward various missions for the Institute covering radiation protection, nuclear safety, and nuclear security. These are organized into the three sectors described below.

Research and public service missions

Defining and implementing national and international research programs

IRSN defines and conducts research programs aimed at maintaining and developing the skills necessary for expert assessments in its specializations. It either carries out the programs itself or, in a European or international context, may entrust them to other French or foreign research institutes.

Contribution to training and teaching in radiation protection

As an establishment specialized in research and assessments, IRSN contributes to training and teaching in the fields of radiation protection, nuclear safety and nuclear security. The radiation protection training courses it organizes are directed at professionals working in the health sector and workers exposed to occupational hazards.

Continuous monitoring in the field of radiation protection

IRSN contributes to round-the-clock health surveillance in radiation protection by monitoring environmental radiation, as well as managing and processing dosimetric data for workers exposed to ionizing radiation. IRSN also manages the national inventory of radioactive sources.

Contributing to public information

IRSN informs the public of nuclear and radiation risks via publications, the Internet, exhibitions and conferences.

Technical and operational support and assistance to public authorities

Technical support with regard to nuclear and radiological risks

The scope of IRSN’s activity covers nuclear facilities operating in the civilian or defense sector, transport of radioactive substances, enforcement of treaties on control of nuclear and sensitive materials, and the physical protection and safety of industrial and medical applications.

Operational support in the event of a crisis or radiation emergency

In the event of an incident or accident involving sources of ionizing radiation, IRSN provides guidance to public authorities on the technical, public health and medical measures to be taken to protect the population, workers and the environment, while restoring safety at facilities.

Consultancy Services contracted for expert assessments, research and measurements

  • Conducting assessments, research, analyses and measurements for public or private organizations

IRSN conducts assessments for public and private organizations in France, Europe, and the international community, and also provides third-party assessment services for industries operating environmentally sensitive facilities outside the nuclear sector.  

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