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Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Research Policy Committee

The nuclear safety and radiation Protection Research Policy committee, or COR, is an advisory body to the IRSN Board of directors, giving opinions on research objectives and priorities in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection. It adopts a global approach that takes into consideration the requirements of society and the public authorities, complementing the activity of IRSN’s scientific council, which focuses on the quality and relevance of the Institute’s research programs and outcomes from a scientific perspective.

The Committee was set up in response to a request from Jean-Louis Borloo, Secretary of State, Minister of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and National Development, and Valérie Pécresse, Minister of Further Education and Research, at the end of 2007 during a meeting of the Atomic Energy Committee. They wished to reinforce governance of nuclear safety and radiation protection research by opening it out to stakeholders, on the model of the "Grenelle" campaign for the environment.

The research Policy Committee’s role is to ensure that: 

  • France retains its position as a world leader in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection research;
  • research carried out best fulfils the requirements of the authorities and the expectations of society in general.

It submits recommendations to the IRSN’s Board of Directors with respect to objectives and priorities for research to be conducted in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection. 

It is made up of members of the authorities, companies, professional bodies, employees from the nuclear sector, elected representatives, associations, research bodies, other key figures, and persons from other countries.

The Policy Committee meets in plenary session at least once a year and organises hearings and work groups that prepare their findings. The submissions are given first to the Board of Directors, before being made public at a later date.


Members of the Research Policy Committee (as of February 1, 2018)

Public authorities

+ Supervisory ministry representatives:

Bruno GILLET, Task Officer, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, representing the Ministry of Research. Representative of the Directorate General for Health, representative of the Ministry of Health.

Lionel MOULIN, Head of the Environmental Risks and Health Mission, Research Department, Directorate for Research and Innovation, representing the Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

Jean-François CAU, Nuclear Safety Inspector, DGA (French Defense Procurement Agency), representing the Ministry of Defense.

Mayeul PHELIP, Task Officer at the Policy and Supervisory Office, Directorate General for Energy and Climate, representing the Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

+ Representing the Ministry of Labor:

Thierry LAHAYE, in charge of matters relating to the protection of workers against physical hazards, Directorate General for Labor.

+ Representative of French Nuclear Safety Authority:

Nomination pending.

Companies and professional associations

Noël CAMARCAT, Nuclear Research and Development Officer, Generation and Engineering Branch, EDF.

Bernard LE GUEN, EDF representing SFRP.

Bertrand de l’ÉPINOIS, Safety Standards Director, representing Orano (formerly Areva).

Jean-Jacques MAZERON, Head of the Radiotherapy-Oncology Department, Pitié- Salpêtrière Hospital, SFRP representative.

Soraya THABET, Director of Risk Control, Andra.

Employees in the nuclear sector

+ Representatives of national labor unions:


Martine DOZOL, FO.



Christian HOLBÉ, CGT.

Elected representatives

+ OPECST representatives:

Nomination pending.

+ Representative of the Local Information Commissions (CLI):

Monique SENÉ, Vice-President of ANCCLI.

+ Representatives of municipalities hosting a nuclear facility, proposed by the association of French Mayors:

Nomination pending.

Bertrand RINGOT, Mayor of Gravelines.


David BOILLEY, President of Acro.

Jean-Paul LACOTE, France Nature Environnement.

Simon SCHRAUB, Director of the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer.

Advisory members

Jean-Claude DELALONDE, President of ANCCLI.

Marie-Pierre COMETS, President of the High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Safety.

Research organizations

Daniel FAGRET, Deputy Director General for Strategy – Inserm.

Paristech representative (nomination pending), representative of the French Conference of University Presidents (CPU).

François GAUCHÉ, Director of Nuclear Energy, CEA.

Cyrille THIEFFRY, Task Officer for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Affairs, IN2P3, CNRS representative.

Foreign members

Christophe BADIE, Environmental Assessments Department, Public Health England, United Kingdom.


George YADIGAROGLU, Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Ex officio members

Yves BRÉCHET, Atomic Energy High Comissioner.

Marc MORTUREUX, Government Commissioner, represented by Benoit BETTINELLI, Head of the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Mission, Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

Pierre TOULHOAT, IRSN Scientific Council Chairman and CEO of the French Geological Survey (BRGM).

Jean-Christophe NIEL, Director General of IRSN.


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