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Authorizations to supervise PhDs (HDR)

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Next HDR vivas

No HDR viva is planned. 


Past HDR vivas

  • Olivier Laurent, 12th February 2018: Characterization of the health effects associated with low-level environmental exposure: research applied to atmospheric pollution and ionizing radiation
  • Alexandre Dauzères, 26th January 2018: Contribution to the understanding of the physical and chemical interactions of anthropic and natural materials present in radioactive waste storage environments


  • Aurélie Desbrée, 26th April 2017: From standard dosimetry to personalized dosimetry in nuclear medicine: evaluation of the risk to healthy tissue and treatment planning optimization




  • Rodolphe Gilbin, 24th June 2013: Bioavailability of trace metals and radionuclides in the continental aquatic environment: Ecological risk assessment implications in a multi-contamination context
  • Olivier Simon, 9th April 2013: Study of pollutant biodistribution in ecological risk assessment. Toward the emergence of a toxic bioaccumulation threshold value
  • Denis Maro, 2nd December 2011*: Transfert des radionucléides sous forme de gaz et d’aérosols dans les environnements complexes : études expérimentales de dispersion atmosphérique et d’échanges aux interfaces
  • Laurence Roy, 11th June 2009: Interactions, en conditions physiologiques, des mécanismes cellulaires induits par une exposition radiologique à de faibles doses
  • Agnès François, 28th September 2007*: Apprehension and management of radiation-induced injury to the gastrointestinal tract : importance of mucosal reaction and new therapeutic orientations
  • Fabian Bonilla, 12th March 2007
  • Maâmar Souidi, 27th November 2006: Effets in vivo d’une contamination chronique par l’uranium ou le césium 137 sur le métabolisme du médicament, de la vitamine D et du cholestérol
  • Florian Fichot, 13th September 2006*: Study of heat and mass transfers for flows in porous media with complex structures. Application to the modeling of severe accidents in nuclear pressurized water reactors

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