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Theses and post-docs

At IRSN, training through research is viewed as a transfer of knowledge and skills where IRSN does its utmost to ensure that doctoral students produce theses which will give them the best possible start to their future career. It also provides the opportunity to create strong links with university research, and this is a key element in maintaining the quality of the Institute’s research activities. The following pages offer a presentation of past, present, and future research projects in the training through research programme.

The research training programme at IRSN

What is IRSN’s policy on training through research ? What are its goals ? How to complete a doctoral thesis or a post-doctoral research at IRSN ? What does it involve ? And all statistics.

Theses in progress, to come and defended

The links below provide more details on IRSN’s past, present and future thesis projects.



Post-docs research

New postdoctorate placement positions are regularly proposed at IRSN. To apply, please contact the appropriate research team directly.



Research training period offers

No proposed training period at the moment.



HDR: Authorizations to supervise PhDs

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Training through research assessments are made on an annual basis


Céline Dinocourt Coordinator of the training-through-research programme



For questions about theses or post-doctoral research topics for the current year, you should contact the appropriate research laboratory directly (telephone numbers are available in the programme description).

Useful link

IRSN is a partner of the Bernard Gregory Association (ABG). This association provides doctorate students and young doctorate graduates with an array of services to help them put their doctorate experience to the best possible use and find a job in the business world.


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