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Aktis, a quaterly science newletter


Aktis is a multimedia quaterly science newsletter, available by HTML mail, smartphone email, in PDF and plain text format that focuses on IRSN's latest research news and results, with the aim of making the Institute's research better-known among the French and global scientific community. Aktis is aimed at scientists, researchers, engineers and PhD students.


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IRSN Scientific and Technical Reports


The aim of a scientific and technical report is to present scientific results obtained during the past 12 month period. It is not intended to be exhaustive, in contrast to the annual report, but rather stresses actions conducted in a programme that has terminated, or one that has reached a particularly important step in its development.




IRSN scientific books series


Couverture de la CIPR 103 en version françaiseIRSN has several series of scientific books: the Science and Technology Series (overviews of current knowledge prepared by the Institute's scientists); the Seminar Series (contributions to seminars organized or jointly organized by IRSN); the Guidelines Series (guides and recommendations) ; the HDR series (dissertations of HDR, HDR meaning Authorization to Direct Research).


IRSN scientific books series 



Radionuclide data sheets and medical data sheets

exemple de fiche radio-nucléide

IRSN has created some thirty data sheets providing an overview of how radionuclides behave in the human body and in the environment.


List of radionuclides sheets

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