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Publications and documentation

The IRSN series of scientific works

IRSN has five series of books:
  • the Collection Sciences et techniques (Science and Technology Series), which includes monographs and overviews of current knowledge prepared by the Institute's scientists;
  • the Reference documents series, which presents IRSN's positions;
  • the Collection Colloques (Seminar Series), which brings together contributions to seminars and congresses organised or jointly organised by IRSN;
  • the Collection Lignes directrices (Guidelines Series), in which guides and recommendations are published (in particular translations of ICRP recommendations),
  • the Collection HDR (HDR Series) which brings together the HDR reports of the IRSN's researchers.

IRSN has also published two CD-Roms.

Collection Sciences et techniques (Science and Technology Series)



  • Elements of nuclear safety - Pressurized water reactors
  • Elements of nuclear safety - Research reactors
  • Current state of research on pressurized water reactor safety
  • Element of security and non-proliferation
  • Nuclear power reactor core melt accidents. Current state of knowledge
  • Les retombées radioactives de l’accident de Tchernobyl sur le territoire français - Conséquences environnementales et exposition des personnes (Radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl accident in France – Environmental consequences and exposure of persons)
  • Catastrophes et accidents nucléaires dans l'ex-Union soviétique (Nuclear Catastrophes and Accidents in the Former USSR)
  • L'uranium, de l'environnement à l'homme (Uranium, from the environment to human)
  • Le césium, de l'environnement à l'homme (Caesium, from the environment to human)
  • Les installations nucléaires et l’environnement : méthode d’évaluation de l’impact radioécologique et dosimétrique (Nuclear installations and the environment : assessment method for the radioecological and dosimetric impact)
  • Le radon, de l’environnement à l’homme (Radon, from the environment to human)
  • Le tritium, de l’environnement à l’homme (Tritium, from the environment to human)
  • Elements of nuclear safety
  • Approche de la sûreté des sites nucléaires (Nuclear plant safety approach)
  • Traitement de la contamination interne accidentelle des travailleurs (Treatment of workers subjected to accidental internal contamination)

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Reference Documents Series


  • Nuclear fusion reactor // safety and radiation protection considerations for demonstration reactor that follow the ITER facility 
  • Overview of Generation IV (Gen IV) Reactor Designs 
  • Consideration of BORAX-type reactivity accidents applied to research reactors 
  • Security culture in the nuclear field 
  • Comparative approach between nuclear safety and security 
  • Serious accidents of electricity generation water reactors 
  • Accidents due to ionising radiation 
  • Fourth generation reactors 
  • IRSN summary of UNSCEAR reports 
  • Radioprotection of the environment 
  • Protection of the environment



ISSN 2117-7791







Collection Lignes directrices (Guidelines Series)

  • Publication CIPR 105 : Protection radiologique en médecine (ICRP 105 publication : radiological protection in medicine)
  • Publication CIPR 103 : Recommandations 2007 de la Commission internationale de protection radiologique (French version of ICRP Publication 103: Recommandations of the ICRP)
  • Publication CIPR 91 : Cadre méthodologique pour évaluer l’impact des rayonnements ionisants sur les espèces non humaines (Publication ICRP 91: A Framework for Assessing the Impact of Ionising Radiation on Non-human Species)
  • Vos patients et les rayons : un guide pour les médecins praticiens (Radiation and Your Patient: A Guide for Medical Practitioners)
  • Publication 86 de la CIPR: prévention des expositions accidentelles chez les patients recevant une radiothérapie (ICRP Publication 86: Prevention of Accidents to Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy)
  • Publication CIPR 85 : Comment éviter les lésions induites par les rayonnements utilisés dans les procédures interventionnelles médicales (ICRP Publication 85: Avoidance of Radiation Injuries from Medical Interventional Procedures)
  • Publication 84 de la CIPR : grossesse et irradiation médicale (ICRP Publication 84 : pregnancy and medical irradiation)
  • ICRP : historique, politiques et méthodes de la CIPR (ICRP: history, policies and methods of the ICRP)
  • Agriculture, environnement et nucléaire : comment réagir en cas d’accident (Agriculture,environment and nuclear power : how to react in the event of an accident)





Collection HDR (HDR series) 

  • Contribution à l’étude de la dynamique des incendies en milieu confiné et mécaniquement ventilé

  • Development and application of methods for the assessment of radiation dose from internal radioactive contamination

  • Écoulements turbulents anisothermes et relâchement de produits de fission en situation accidentelle sur un réacteur nucléaire
  • Origine, comportement et devenir des radionucléides en milieu aquatique continental
  • Dispersion des radionucléides dans les mers du nord-ouest de l'Europe : observations et modélisation
  • Micromécanique du combustible : homogénéisation, fissuration, milieux granulaires
  • Transfert des radionucléides sous forme de gaz et d'aérosols dans les environnements complexes : études expérimentales de dispersion atmosphérique et d'échanges aux interfaces
  • Appréhender et gérer les lésions radiques digestives : importance de la réaction muqueuse et nouvelles orientations thérapeutiques
  • Variabilité des dépôts atmosphériques et des transferts des radioéléments artificiels dans le sol
  • Etude des transferts de masse et de chaleur pour des écoulements à travers des structures poreuses complexes - Application à la modélisation des accidents graves de réacteurs nucléaires à eau sous pression
  • L’apport des traceurs à la compréhension des processus de transport au sein des formations argileuses indurées (The contribution of tracers in understanding transportation processes in indurated argilaceous formations) is the first book in this collection





Collection Colloques (Seminar Series) 
  • Ecorad 2004 - Scientific trends in radiological protection of the environment
  • Ecorad 2001 - Radioactive pollutants: impact on the environment
  • Radionuclides in the oceans: input and inventories


  • Criticality experiments  Saclay (1958-1964) and Valduc - building 10 (1964-2007)
  • The Calliope CD-ROM


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Further informations

The IRSN aims to make its publishing activities more socially responsible while continuing to fulfill its mission of disseminating information. Consequently, it has decided to make available for free downloading all the future works in its Science and Technology Series published by the institute in color, and to block the printing and copying.


For those who wish, the book made by our partner EDP sciences can be acquired for a price just slightly above that of an individual color printing. The manufacturing process has the advantage of using French raw materials, recycled paper and plant-based inks meeting sustainable development standards.


Nevertheless, concerned with meeting its readers' wide range of needs, the IRSN is making the book available in black and white, copyable, printable and divided by chapter. Those intending to frequently consult it or take notes are advised to acquire the paper version or to make a double-sided print-out of the PDF.


Printings (recommended in black and white and on both sides of the page) of copies from the HDR Series and Reference documents Series will be made available again when the books are out of stock. They, and those to come, are or will be printed by an appropriate company from the protected, local sector that has been granted the Imprim'vert label.


Sustainable development is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".


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