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Network of European organisations involved in emergency and recovery preparedness and management – NERIS

NERIS.pngCreated in June 2010 as a network of European organisations involved in emergency and recovery preparedne​ss and management the NERIS Platform is currently composed of 56 organisations from 24 different countries from which 28 supporting organisations. The objectives of the Platform are to contribute to improving the effectiveness of current approaches for preparedness, promoting more coherent approaches, identifying gaps and needs for further developments, addressing new and emerging challenges and maintaining and improving know-how and technical expertise in this field.

The Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) has been structured in three main research areas covering new challenges in atmospheric & aquatic modelling, new challenges for better dose assessments and decision support based on improved knowledge and new challenges in stakeholder involvement and local preparedness and communication strategies. Several projects have been developed to contribute to the development of the research in this field, notably in the EC Research Framework Programme with the projects NERIS TP (2011-2014) and PREPARE (2013-2016).

The vision of the NERIS platform is that “by 2020, all European organizations being members of the association are sharing common views and common approaches and are developing and using compatible technology and methods for consequence management of the emergencies”. In respect to this vision, cooperation with international organisations with a mandate to harmonise response in Europe and worldwide has been established to favour them to become aware of NERIS scientific capabilities and research developments.

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European Radioecology Alliance – ALLIANCE

ALLIANCE.pngThe Director Generals of eight organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding in June 2009 and established the European Radioecology Alliance. Members of the Alliance bring together parts of their respective research and development programmes into an integrated programme that maintains and enhances radioecological competences and experimental infrastructures, and addresses scientific and educational challenges in assessing the impact of radioactive substances on humans and the environment.

Together the members jointly state their intention to bring together, in a step-by-step approach and with an aspiration of sustainability, part of their respective R&D programmes into an integrated transnational programme that :

  • Maintains and enhances radioecological competences and experimental infrastructures in Europe, with an international perspective, and;
  • Addresses scientific and educational challenges related to the assessment of the impact of radioactive substances on humans and the environment.​

More information:

Visit the ALLIANCE website :

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