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IRSN co-led the French in situ post-earthquake survey in Türkiye under the umbrella of the French Association for Earthquake Engineering (AFPS)

20230503 Actu seisme turquie.jpgFollowing the earthquakes occurred on the 6th of February 2023 (Mw of 7.8 and 7.5) in the regions of Hatay and Kahramanmaraş in southern part of Türkiye, the French Association for Earthquake Engineering decided to send an in situ post-earthquake survey from the 03/31/2023 to the 04/09/2023 to gather information to identify the lessons applicable to the French context. The post-earthquake survey was composed of 11 members, co-headed by Benjamin Richard (IRSN) and Pierre Alain Nazé (GDS).

Various topics were addressed within the survey: seismology, geotechnics, seismic behavior of conventional buildings and industrial sites (e.g. dams), architecture and cultural heritage, seismic regulation, crisis management and structural assessment in post-earthquake situation.

Three IRSN research engineers of the Structures and Equipment Assessment Department of the Nuclear Safety Directorate participated in the survey. Approximately 25 000 km² were covered, more than 25 000 photos taken by the team, 200 movies and technical exchanges with more than 25 people on site.

A public technical feedback will be organized at the Ecology Ministry at La Défense in September 2023 and a public report will be produced.

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