Ethics commission (CED)


The Ethics Commission is an advisory body provided for in IRSN’s decree of organization. It is responsible for advising the Board on preparing the ethics policies applicable to the institute’s activities and for monitoring their implementation, particularly as regards the conditions under which separation is ensured between expert appraisals carried out on behalf of government departments and those carried out for public or private operators. It also serves as a mediator when problems of an ethical nature arise.


Françoise ROURE, Chairwoman of the Commission, Inspector General, Chairwoman of the “Safety, Security and Risks” Section of the CGEIET (General Council of the Economy, Industry, Energy and Technology) and member of the Inspection Committee, PhD in Economics, specialty “International Economics”, retired

Lionel BOURDON, Senior Medical Officer, Full Professor at the Military School of Val-de-Grâce. Scientific Director of the Institute for Biomedical Research of the Armed Forces (IRBA, Brétigny-sur-Orge), Director of the “research” component of the Armed Forces’ “SSA 2020” Health Service Transformation Program, Professor holding the Armed Forces’ Health Service research chair, retired

Raja CHATILA, Emeritus Professor of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Ethics at Sorbonne University, Paris. Her research covers several aspects of robotics in robot navigation, motion planning and control, cognitive and control architectures, human-robot interaction, machine learning and ethics. Member of the College of Ethics of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and member of Orange’s Scientific Council

Marc CLÉMENT, Presiding Judge of the Administrative Court of Lyon, member of the Environmental Authority of the CGEDD (General council of the environment and sustainable development). Member of the Aarhus Convention’s Implementation Committee (United Nations)

Alexandra LANGLAIS, CNRS researcher in environmental law, CNRS bronze medalist – Environmental research manager at the IODE (Western Institute: Law and Europe) – author of research and expertise documentation on the laws on waste, soil, water, etc. Also a member of the GDR NoST (Standards research network – science and technologies)

Mauricette STEINFELDER, Inspector General, member of the CGEDD (General council of the environment and sustainable development) and the Environmental Authority, retired

Éric VINDIMIAN, Rural Engineering, Water, and Forest General Engineer, specialist in the impact of toxic substances on the environment and health and in the assessment of public environmental policies, member of the Environmental Authority of the CGEDD (General council of the environment and sustainable development), retired