The Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Research Steering Committee (COR)

The committee is an advisory body to the IRSN Board, giving opinions on research objectives and priorities in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection. It adopts a global approach that takes into consideration the requirements of society and public authorities – complementing the work of IRSN’s Scientific Council – and focuses on the quality and relevance of the institute’s research programs and outcomes from a scientific perspective.

Public authorities

Supervisory ministry representatives

  • Martin RÉMONDET, Research and Innovation Department, representing the French Ministry of Ecological Transition
  • François-Xavier GOMBEAUD, Weapons Inspector for nuclear security, Armaments Inspectorate, representing the French Ministry of the Armed Forces
  • Fabrice LEGENDRE, Task Officer at the Policy and Supervisory Office, Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC), representing the French Ministry of Ecological Transition Nomination pending, representing the French Ministry of Health and Prevention.


Representing the French Directorate-Gevu-isaneral for Labor

  • Nomination pending, Head of the Physical Hazards Prevention Division, French Directorate-General for Labor


Representing the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN)

  • Vincent CLOITRE, Director of the Office of the Director General of the ASN

Companies and professional associations

  • Philippe LAURENT, Deputy Director of the Technical Department - Lyon, EDF
  • Bernard LE GUEN, Chairman of the SFRP (French radiation protection society)
  • Émilie LACROIX, Director of Safety and Environment, ORANO
  • Jean-Marc SIMON, Associate Lecturer, Hospital Practitioner, Radiotherapy Oncology Department at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital
  • Sébastien CROMBEZ, Director in charge of Safety, the Environment and the Industrial Strategy (DISEF) of Andra

Employees in the nuclear sector

Representatives of the national trade unions

  • Jean-Paul CRESSY, FCE-CFDT
  • Olivier CHAUMONT, FO
  • Patrick BIANCHI, CFTC
  • Jacques DELAY, CFE-CGC
  • Christian HOLBÉ, CGT

Elected representatives

OPECST representatives

  • Philippe BOLO, MP for the Maine-et-Loire Department + one nomination pending


Representative of Local Information Commissions (CLI)

Nomination pending


Representatives of municipalities hosting a nuclear facility, proposed by the Association of French Mayors

  • Bertrand RINGOT, Mayor of Gravelines
  • Alain GALLU, Mayor of Pierrelatte


  • Jean-Paul LACOTE, Representative of France Nature Environnement

Nomination pending, Board member of the Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer

  • Lionel LARQUÉ, Executive officer of the Alliance sciences-société (Alliss)

Advisory members

  • Jean-Claude DELALONDE, Chairman of ANCCLI (French national association of local information committees and commissions)
  • Christine NOIVILLE, Chairwoman of the High Committee for transparency and information on nuclear safety (HCTISN)
  • Marie-France BELLIN, Chairwoman of the IRSN Board, university lecturer, hospital practitioner in the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of Bicêtre-Paul-Brousse Hospital

Research organizations

  • Philippe STOHR, Director of Nuclear Energy, representing the CEA
  • Cyrille THIEFFRY, Task Officer for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Affairs, IN2P3, representing the CNRS
  • Inserm, nomination pending
  • Étienne AUGÉ, Lecturer in physics, Assistant Vice-president of Paris-Saclay University, representing the French Conference of University Presidents (CPU)
  • Vincent LAFLÈCHE, Director of ParisTech, representing ParisTech

Foreign members

  • Christophe BADIE, Department of Environmental Assessments Public Health England, UK
  • Ted LAZO, Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), OECD

Ex officio members

  • Patrick LANDAIS, Atomic Energy High Commissioner
  • Cédric BOURILLET, Government Commissioner, represented by Benoît BETTINELLI, Task Officer for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection, French Ministry of Ecological Transition
  • Robert BAROUKI, Chairman of the IRSN Scientific Council
  • Jean-Christophe NIEL, Director General of IRSN