Steering Committee for the Nuclear Defense Expertise Division (CODEND)


The committee examines the program of activities prepared by the Nuclear Defense Expertise Division (DEND) within IRSN’s Defense, Safety, and Non-Proliferation Division before it is submitted to the Institute’s Board.

It is consulted when the Board is called upon to make decisions relating specifically to the organization or operation of this division and makes recommendations to the Board on matters related to DEND activities.


François BUGAUT, Chairman of CODEND, in charge of nuclear safety and radiation protection for defense activities and facilities

Thierry BURKHARD, General, Armed Forces Chief of Staff, represented by Rear Admiral Frédéric DREHER

Emmanuel CHIVA, Armaments General Representative, represented by Armaments General Engineer Christian DUGUE

Christophe MAURIET, Secretary-General for the Administration of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, represented by Captain Mokrane OUAREM

Général Nicolas LEVERRIER, Inspector of Nuclear Weapons, represented by Captain Pierre SULEAU

Mélanie JODER, Budget Director of the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery (MEFR), represented by Arnaud WIEBER

Philippe BERTOUX, Director of Strategic, Security and Disarmament Affairs for the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, represented by François COTTEL

Anne BLONDY-TOURET, Secretary-General, Senior Official for Defense and Security of the French Ministries of Economy and Finance, represented by Samuel HEUZE

Guillaume LEFORESTIER, Senior Official for Defense and Security of the French Ministry of Ecological Transition, represented by Mario PAIN