Everything you need to know about Radiobiology: follow the guide!

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The result of collaboration between 126 international experts, including 9 from IRSN, the Guide to Radiobiology is now available from Springer. This freely accessible work offers a comprehensive perspective on radiobiology and related disciplines.

Initiated during the covid-19 pandemic, this guide focuses on various aspects of radiobiology. Its aim is to provide a better understanding of the effects of exposure to ionising radiation at the cellular and molecular levels, thereby assessing their impact on health.

A comprehensive, educational tool

Aimed at a wide audience, this guide is positioned as an essential learning resource, providing a solid foundation for students, scientists and medical staff interested in radiobiology. As a teaching tool, it is accompanied by educational material designed to facilitate understanding of the complex concepts involved in this constantly evolving discipline.

Through its 12 chapters, this handbook aims to cover the sub-disciplines involved in radiobiology such as radiophysics, radiation oncology, radiotherapy, radiochemistry, radiopharmacy, nuclear medicine, space radiation biology and physics, environmental and human radiation protection, nuclear emergency planning, molecular biology, bioinformatics, as well as the ethical, legal and social considerations related to radiobiology. The chapters of this handbook are designed to be entirely independent of each other and can therefore be read in any order.

IRSN experts were involved in the writing of this guide on the chapters dedicated to the molecular biology of radiation, dosimetry and radiotherapy, with the participation of Olivier Guipaud, Agnès François, Alexendra Semont, Mallia Geiger and Fabien Milliat from LRMed, Carmen Villagrasa and Yann Perrot from LDRI and Sandrine Frelon from LECO.

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