Fires in Ukraine in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl power plant: Situation as of April 15,2020

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Since IRSN information report of April 7, 2020 (read in French), the fires in Ukraine have spread to reach the environment near the Chernobyl plan​t. According to the Ukrainian authorities, these fires are now under control.

IRSN publishes a new information report which provides an assessment of the possible radiological impacts for the responders as well as for the inhabitants of Kiev. It also takes stock of the levels of activity in the air likely to be detected in France due to the transport of air masses contaminated by these fires.

Download IRSN information report of April 15,2020: Fires in Ukraine in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl power plant

Modeling of the dispersio​n in Europe of the air masses from the fires in the Chernobyl region: version of April 15, 2020

IRSN has performed a modeling estimation of the amount of radioactivity re-emitted by fires, and a modeling of the plume dispersion over Europe.

The radioactive release used was evaluated by reverse modeling (use of available measurements) over the period from April 3 to 12, 2020, the dispersion simulation continues until April 14, 2020.