Interview with Mr Masanori KOGUCHI, President of JAEA

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Mr Masanori Koguchi, President of JAEA, and Mr Jean-Christophe Niel, Director General of IRSN.

Mr Masanori KOGUCHI, President of JAEA, paid a short visit to IRSN on Tuesday November 28, 2023, accompanied by his advisor, Mr Kiyoshi ONO, Executive Advisor to the President, and the Director of JAEA-Paris office, Mr Tsutomu IRIE. The meeting provided an opportunity for technical exchanges on JAEA-IRSN cooperation.

Mr. Koguchi tells us more about this cooperation.

Q1. What is JAEA?

JAEA is a national nuclear research and development institute of Japan with a history of almost 70 years. We have conducted wide range of R&D from basic research to the development of advanced reactors and decommissioning of nuclear facilities.
Nuclear energy, along with renewable energy, is recognized as promising energy source to achieve a decarbonized society. JAEA have just started new initiatives in accordance with this major direction. In particular, we would like to work in innovative areas in the future, such as the pursuit of synergies with renewable energy and the sustainability of nuclear power itself.

Q2. How long have you been cooperating with IRSN?

IRSN and JAEA have been cooperating for 20 years with playing a role of providing technical support to the regulatory authorities respectively, and we have worked together to exchange the information and personnel in the field of safety for light water reactors, fast reactors, and the nuclear fuel cycle. In the situation nuclear power will be expected to be utilized in wider areas, I hope the relationship of both parties will be improving.

Q3. What is the major topic at the moment for cooperation between the two organizations?

We must pay attention to reduce the risks which are very unique to nuclear energy itself by taking such measures as reinforcement of accident tolerance and resistance, radiation protection, and nuclear safety and security.

I believe that the possibility of more intensive cooperation between IRSN and JAEA should be crucial. And now, we currently focus on information exchange or personnel exchange, however, in the future, we look forward to further collaboration in other forms like joint research on the reinforcement of accident tolerance and nuclear security (including safety).

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