Jean-Christophe Niel's agenda at the 67th IAEA General Conference

  • Institutional


The Director General of IRSN will be in Vienna from September 25 to 28, 2023 for the IAEA's annual General Conference. He will be meeting IRSN staff currently working at the IAEA. Several bilateral meetings with the directors of other TSOs are planned in conjunction with this event, in order to take stock of current or future cooperation.

The Director General of IRSN will also meet with members of the IAEA Board of Directors, and will speak at the Forum organised by INSAG, the advisory group responsible for advising the Director General of the IAEA on nuclear safety issues.

Finally, as Chairman of ETSON, Jean-Christophe Niel will take part in meetings of the ETSON Board with representatives of the IAEA and the European network of safety authorities WENRA.